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How long does delivery take?


Once the purchase is confirmed, it takes at least 7 business days for the package to arrive to the shipping provider.

You will receive a tracking number when the shipping provider gets the package so that you can check the status of your order at any time.

Even though we cannot take responsibility for the possible delays the shipping provider may cause, we always seek to work with reliable and quality service companies. 


How can I make sure that my purchase has been successfully made?


If the purchase is correctly made, a pop-up message will appear with your order number, informing that your purchase was successfully completed. Moreover, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided when placing your order.


I haven’t had any confirmation email from you, do you have my order?


If the pop-up message appeared when placing the order and you have been charged for the order, but you have not received any confirmation email, do not worry, your order has been successfully processed and you will receive it without any problem. This may be caused due to a computer error on our part or a miss-typing of the email address. You can also try checking your spam folder just in case it was sent there accidentally.

If the payment has not been correctly made, you can contact us at and we will personally confirm your order status.


Can I get access to the shipping status of my order at any given time?


Usually, it takes 7 business days to process the package after you place the order. Once the package is dispatched from our store, you will receive a tracking number. That number will allow you to check the status of your order at any time.


Can I change or cancel my order?

Once the order is placed, it goes directly to our store where it is processed within the following 24-48 hours. Due to the agility of our order processing, it is not possible to make any changes or cancellations on the order. However, you will be able to return the order once you receive it.


How can I return an item or a purchase order?

If you changed your mind, you can return your order. You just must write us at providing the details of the order and we will send you an email with the steps you need to follow in order return your purchase order. Remember you have 14 days to return your order.

In order to successfully return your order, you need to include the delivery note that goes with it, indicating the product you want to return. It is crucial that the package arrives correctly identified.

How much time do I have to return my order?

You have the right to return the whole purchase, or a part of it, within 14 calendar days following the date you received it. Keep in mind that:

  • The unwanted item must be in the same condition it was delivered, and must retain its original packaging and labelling.

  • The shipping method you chose must ensure that the items will arrive in a good condition.

  • The delivery note that goes with the purchase order must be included in the package, indicating the items you are returning.


Can I change the shipping details once I have placed the order?


Generally, we can solve this problem only if the order is still being processed by us. If the order has already been dispatched to the shipping provider, they might be able to deal with the problem, but this will incur an additional charge.   

What should I do if I am sent a damaged item or the wrong order?


If, accidentally, you receive an item you didn’t order, write us an email at including some photographs of the item and the delivery note. In the subject of the email, you must write the order number of the order you placed so that we can deal with the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

If, on the contrary, the item you ordered is damaged or faulty, write us an email at as soon as possible to check if it is covered under warranty. You will find all the information regarding the warranty in the Help or Selling Terms and Conditions sections.

How can I contact Customer Service?

You can contact us by email at

You can also call us on (+34)965916470. Our customer service hours are:

 8.30 am- 6.30 pm from Monday to Thursday

8 am- 2 pm on Fridays (Spain time)

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